My Story - Birth & More, Dorking, Surrey

When I was preparing for the birth of my daughter in 2017, I did what a lot of first time mums do and booked my husband and I onto the local Dorking NCT course. We made the booking months ahead and at that time I hadn’t started thinking about labour or birth. Everything was going well, until our pregnancy journey took an unexpected turn.


You see, I had awful hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) from the 7th week of my pregnancy and by the 9th I was in the hospital attached to a drip to treat my severe ketosis. I couldn't even eat an ice cube. Months of sickness and taking medication really took the shine off my pregnancy glow and my concern for my baby’s welfare meant that I didn’t feel ready to plan my birth until my third trimester.

The part of my journey that I’ve skipped over so far is that I’d not long come off antidepressants prior to conceiving. Like a lot of people I have a history of anxiety and depression and there was a point in my life when I needed help to manage that. I’m proud to say that despite facing many challenges and significant life events I have been able to manage my mental health without medication since.

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So back then, being able to prepare my mind as well as my body was just as important. I discovered a local hypnobirthing teacher, and we booked onto a course to follow after NCT.


Whilst NCT informed us of the physiology of birth and breastfeeding I felt the need for more mindful preparation. I felt informed, but not empowered. 


And while the hypnobirthing course covered the science behind self-hypnosis in childbirth, we were left to practice our scripts alone not knowing if we were doing it right! I really felt we needed more support.


Finally, I took some 121 yoga sessions which was probably where I felt the most nurtured and reassured. These included short relaxation and visualisation time which was blissful. 


After all these classes, and lots of research, I was starting to feel more empowered AND informed. 


I genuinely felt calm as my due date approached and my husband and I had discussed all aspects from my pain relief preferences to how he would support me on the day and beyond.


When the day came to meet my daughter, we had a very positive birth experience. Did everything go as planned? Of course not. She was 9 lb 6 oz! But did I feel empowered and informed? Yes I did.


A year ago, after hearing how so many of my mum friends' experiences were so different, I started to think. 


Wouldn't it be good to bring all these elements into one course so that expectant mums could prepare in mind and body for the birth of their baby?  


So that's what I did.


Having the opportunity to design my own course has meant I could combine these three elements into one course. This powerful trilogy really is the ultimate birth preparation!


I'm so excited to be able to bring the benefit of that experience to you in my new course - where you'll enjoy a positive birth journey for body and mind.