Antenatal: Couples Comprehensive Course

See course outline here. Will be available on 121 basis so email to discuss.

Antenatal: Essential Hypnobirthing For Positive Birth

I'm offering a new course based on my experience supporting women who've taken antenatal courses elsewhere that don't include powerful hypnobirthing techniques. This course is designed for those who've taken a full antenatal course elsewhere and want to focus on learning the science behind hypnobirthing and techniques for a more comfortable birth. It's also suitable for those who've had a baby before and want a shorter course focusing on tools for positive birth. 

As a yoga teacher as well, I will also share the benefits of movement for efficient labour. Movement & a Calm Mindset are the key ingredients to positive birth that I've seen time and again in women I've supported.

This course can be booked as a 121 session or if members of your antenatal class wish to take this as a group that's an option too.

Email to discuss further.

6 hours to be taken as one workshop or broken into smaller sessions.

Covers: what is hypnobirthing and how it combats fear - the enemy of positive birth, the science behind hypnobirthing, practical hypnobirthing - how to practice and how to use it in labour, the role of your birth partner and tools for them to support you. There will be time to enjoy a relaxation script.
Included: professionally printed birth affirmation cards, 6 hypnobirthing tracks to continue your birth preparation, a detailed course companion and on-going support from me.
PLUS: the benefits of movement for more efficient and comfortable birth and 3 breathing techniques for labour.

Antenatal: Yoga for Birth & Hypnobirthing Mum-only Course


Next term starts 5th September and is booking up fast! This will be my final course for 2021 before I go on maternity leave.


In person this summer: see course outline here

4 x 90 minute classes. Education, hypnobirthing & yoga movements to prepare for birth in body and mind.
£120 including 6 hypnobirthing tracks to continue your birth preparation & a detailed course companion and on-going support from me.
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6 hours, 4 x 90 minute classes


This unique course combines three elements: 


Antenatal Education: Introducing hypnobirthing and understanding how your uterus behaves in labour, why breathing is important; Why movement is important and coping with Transition Phase of labour (when contractions are most intense and powerful); Delivering your baby and breathing techniques; The power of language and positive affirmations and walking through your hypnobirth. PLUS a Comprehensive Course Companion packed with additional information AND professionally printed birth affirmation cards.


Hypnobirthing Techniques: 3 breathing techniques, how to use positive affirmation cards, creating the ideal birth environment PLUS access to 6 relaxation scripts to continue your practice outside of the classroom right up until your birthing day.


Yoga Sequence focusing on encouraging your baby into their optimum position for birth and teaching you positive movements and positions for a more comfortable and efficient birth.


Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop

2 hours       £80

This is delivered on a 121 basis so please email me to discuss further and we can find a date and time to suit us both.

Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby

Bespoke Course

I'm always happy to support with curating a package of classes that meet your needs or find dates and times that suit us both.

This can also be delivered online.

Please email me with details of what you're looking for and we can discuss further.

Pregnant Woman


Early Days

A mum-centred 5 week course suitable from birth - 12 weeks.

Breastfeeding support also available.


Takes place on Tuesdays in Dorking

Next Term Dates TBC


Baby Massage

An age appropriate 5 week baby massage course suitable from 8 weeks - 6 months (or rolling).


Takes place on Tuesdays in Dorking

Next Term Dates TBC


Mum & Baby Yoga

Suitable from 12 weeks - crawling.

A short yoga sequence for mum followed by some dedicated baby yoga.


Takes place on Tuesdays in Dorking

Next Term Dates TBC

Postnatal Classes Will Pause During Summer 2021

Email me to be added to my waiting list to be on of the first to hear when booking opens!