Comprehensive Couples Course Full Details

This is my most comprehensive course lasting six weeks and is made up of two group couple workshops and four mum-only classes. Totally 14 hours of evidence-based education, mindful birth preparation & hypnobirthing with newborn baby care and breastfeeding work PLUS on-going support for £280!

It really is the ultimate birth preparation course!

What's included:

  • hypnobirthing and you'll get 6 hypnobirthing tracks and a pack of positive affirmation cards to continue your practice at home

  • 3 breathing techniques and positive positions for active labour

  • pregnancy yoga sequence to ease aches and pains and encourage baby into the optimum position for birth

  • practical newborn baby care: bathing, changing, sleep safety and bottle feeding

  • a 2 hour breastfeeding workshop

  • preparing for a positive postnatal period: including a post-natal plan exercise and template to take home

  • a goodie bag of mum and baby treats!

All you need to bring is a notepad, pen and lunch on workshop days; wear comfortable clothing as you’ll be laying down during hypnobirthing scripts and you can sip on a water bottle during class. Hot drinks and snacks will be provided during breaks.

"Rose was amazing and I'm sure her courses helped me have a pain-free, under five hour first birth with my son! The course covers a lot more than NCT courses and it includes wonderful relaxing yoga classes too."  Charlotte

"The on-going support has been a lifesaver for me as a first time mum, that I could reach out to you postpartum and whilst navigating this newborn phase." Anh

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Course outline

Couples Workshop 1 in Week 1: 4 Hours

  • How to prepare for birth, including why perceptions of birth matter: a reframing exercise

  • What happens during labour and birth, including: hormones; ideal birth environment; pain relief options; positive positions and time spent practicing breathing techniques and deeply relaxing to a hypnobirthing script.

  • A focus on hypnobirthing, including: how hypnobirthing works and how to practice, what mum needs for a successful hypnobirth


Mindful  Movement  & Hypnobirthing Mum-only Classes

  • 4 x 90 minute weekly classes each made up of 3 segments: social time & education topic; gentle yoga sequence and close with hypnobirthing relaxation

  • During these classes you will be invited to use your positive affirmation cards or write your own to start incorporating them into your hypnobirthing practice

  • Education topics include​: how the uterus and the cervix work as a pair of muscles; how hypnobirthing works; why movement is important in labour and plenty of time to practice breathing techniques
  • The gentle yoga sequence will help ease those pregnancy aches and pains and encourage your baby into the optimal position for birth. Several movements are also positive positions for active labour

  • We’ll close each class with time to bond with your baby and feel deeply relaxed as I read a different hypnobirthing script each week to prepare you for birth. I will share a recording of the hypnobirthing track each week so you can continue your practice at home

  • It’s a very relaxed class, with fairy lights and plenty of time to chat or ask questions


Couples Workshop 2 in Week 6: 4 Hours

  • Planning for the unplanned: assisted delivery, induced labour and c-sectionsBRAIN decision making tool

  • Practical newborn baby care, nappy changing, bathing and swaddling, sleep safety

  • Bottle feeding

  • How to prepare for the postnatal period: postnatal plan exercise

  • Focus on Breastfeeding: dedicated workshop on how to prepare for a positive breastfeeding journey with honest and practical information and advice.

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