Free Resources

I'm making some of my course resources free whilst I'm on Maternity leave. I hope you find these make a difference to you. Do share any feedback with me:

Rose x

Visit my Instagram account for a series of 1 minute birth education IGTV videos covering key topics like when to go to hospital and why birth environment is so important.

In this series of YouTube videos you'll learn all you need to know about the process of birth as well as three breathing techniques to support you to enjoy a more comfortable labour.

Preparing to breastfeed? This 45 minute video class covers everything from colostrum harvesting, position & attachment, and how to know if baby is getting enough. Plus some mindfulness techniques to support a calm & connected feeding journey.

Follow this pregnancy yoga sequence video from 12 weeks pregnant and ease aches and pains and learn movements to support a more efficient and comfortable birth.