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Couples Course

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All the same amazing antenatal & hypnobirthing content live via Zoom from the comfort of your own sofa! 

Four live sessions | On-going support | Education, Hypnobirthing, Infant Feeding | 10 hours | £195 | Check dates & book

You'll receive the Zoom link in your booking confirmation email and I'll be in touch to welcome you once I receive your course registration form.


I will give you the option to join a course What's App group to get to know the other participants and invite you to join my Facebook community of expectant and new mums. 


All you have to do is then get comfie with your favourite drinks and snacks and get excited about your birthing day!

Course Outline

Session 1: BE INFORMED

  • What makes a positive birth

  • Identifying your birth preferences

  • Perceptions of birth and why they matter

  • What are contractions and why your shouldn't fear them

  • The stages of labour, signs of labour and when to go to hospital


Session 2: BE CALM

  • Mini guided relaxation

  • The origins and science of hypnobirthing and the Fear, Tension, Pain Cycle and hormones in labour, the power of the mind

  • Breathing techniques and visualisations for a more comfortable birth

  • Ideal birth environment and places of birth options

  • Birth Partner techniques

  • The Power of Language: Positive Affirmations exercise



  • Movement for efficient labour

  • What mum needs for a successful hypnobirth

  • How to prepare for a hypnobirth: practical tips to create anchors and how to practice after the course

  • How do relaxation scripts work?


Session 4: BE READY

  • Planning for the unplanned - how hypnobirthing can still support you 

  • Making informed choices

  • Assisted delivery

  • Induction 

  • Unplanned c-section

  • The fourth trimester: life with a newborn

  • Infant feeding: the basics of bottle and breastfeeding

After the course ends I'm still available to talk through your options if things change and to provide support or signposting after your baby arrives.

Ready to be informed and feel empowered about your birthing day?

Four sessions  | On-going support | Education, Hypnobirthing, Infant Feeding | 10 hours | £195 | Check dates & book

Mindful Movement

& Hypnobirthing Course


Ideal for those growing their family or wanting to complement a course taken elsewhere. A beautiful, calm space for you to bond with your baby and prepare for your birthing day.

Four live sessions | On-going support | Education, Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Yoga | 6 hours | £96* | Check dates & book

* 20% reduced price to reflect delivery online.

Each class will include three segments: time to chat, an education topic and time to practice breathing techniques; a gentle yoga sequence and deep relaxation time whilst I read a hypnobirthing script. See above for full details. This course does not include comprehensive birth education - it works well as a refresher for those who have given birth before or to complement another antenatal course.

What's included:

  • 4 weekly 90 minute classes

  • 6 hypnobirthing tracks & positive birth affirmation cards

  • A digital pack: stages of labour, theory of hypnobirthing and what you need for a positive hypnobirth and more

  • Access to Facebook Group and Personalised support via What'sApp

Four classes | Six hours | On-going support | Education, Hypnobirthing & Yoga | £96* | Check dates & book

* 20% reduced price to reflect delivery online.