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Learn from parenting experts in a relaxed, judgement-free environment with your baby.


Sweet Dreams Workshop: Learn calm techniques to support your little one to sleep well - £40pp (2 hours)

Next date: September

Venue: D2D Studio, Curtis Road, Dorking

Join us for a relaxing morning to learn how you can gently support your little one to sleep well. Includes baby massage, reflexology and expert talk from a gentle sleep coach. This is a judgement-free space and all the techniques and information shared is done so in a loving way to support you. We'll begin the session with gentle stretches and mindful breathwork to calm your nervous system and allow you to become fully present and enjoy this time to bond with your little one. I will then teach you beautiful baby massage and reflexology routines focused on supporting your baby to sleep well. Coconut oil is supplied for this and a handout so you can continue your practice at home and even teach your partner. As you enjoy hot drinks and biscuits - a treat in itself when you have a baby! - Beth, a gentle sleep coach and local mum of two, will share some of her wisdom. I personally worked with Beth when my youngest was 17 months old to establish a nap routine and move from co-sleeping to my baby sleeping in her cot all night. I was able to achieve this in a matter of days and still maintain my breastfeeding journey and without cry it out methods! As always, my classes are baby friendly, you can feed, change and cuddle your baby at any time. You'll leave the session feeling relaxed and confident about how to support your little one to sleep well. As well as enjoying time to connect with other new mums. AND if you have a burning sleep question or topic you really want to know more about you can email it to me and it can form part of Beth's talk. Collaboration with Beth, a gentle sleep coach:

Young Mother

Pumping Breastmilk & Bottle Feeding Workshop - £30pp (90 minutes)

Supporting your infant feeding journey with up-to-date information in a judgement-free environment from Rose, Birth & More Ltd Who is this course for? Whatever your reasons for pumping breastmilk, in this workshop you will learn how to choose the right pump for you, check it fits, tips for a positive pumping experience, how to safely store and use stored breastmilk and paced bottle feeding to prevent digestive discomfort and support your breastfeeding journey. You will also understand how breastmilk is produced on a supply and demand basis and therefore how to protect your supply and avoid discomfort and infections. There will be social time with other mums over drinks and biscuits and the chance to find others embarking on the same phase as you.

Practicing Yoga with Babies

Postnatal Health: Looking after your postpartum body - £40pp (2 hours)

A unique two hour workshop combining postnatal yoga, baby yoga fun and expert talk and Q&A with a Women's Health Physio and Pelvic Floor Expert. I'll guide you through a postnatal yoga sequence including calming breathwork and we'll enjoy some songs and dedicated baby yoga fun too! Then you'll enjoy drinks and biscuits during a talk from local Women's Health Physio. Faye has a friendly style, breaking taboos and immediately putting at ease! You'll leave feeling much more relaxed, bonded with your baby and much better informed about looking after your postnatal body. Dates are being finalised for September and booking will open soon. We do expect this workshop to sell out so be sure to register below to be on the waiting list for when booking opens.

Baby Lying Down

No more Tears at Tummy Time: A Workshop - £30pp (90 minutes)

As a fully qualified Tummy Time Practitioner with Occupational Therapist Carly Budd's Developmental Play Academy, I love teaching ways to make tummy time safe and fun for both parent and baby! Did you know that babies can enjoy tummy time from birth? By 3 months, a typically developing baby, should be working up to 60 - 90 minutes on their tummy each day! If this sounds a lot to you then I'm here to help. The workshop will include time for you to learn as I share all the physiological and nurological benefits of Tummy Time for you and your baby as well as fun and interactive playtime - with no tears! You'll leave the workshop so much more confident and excited to make Tummy Time part of your baby's balanced play diet! Plus you'll enjoy social time with other parents over drinks and biscuits too.

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