• Rose Scott

Having a Baby in a Pandemic

Are you expecting a baby during the pandemic? Are you worried about what may be different?

I have a FREE Guide to Giving Birth During Lockdown that you can download here. It includes a Birth Plan template.

It's packed full of information and practical tips to help you prepare for giving birth during the pandemic.

Living in very uncertain times is hard enough let alone when you're growing a baby and preparing for birth!

Your antenatal care may be haphazard, the restrictions may change periodically and the anxiety is causing you to loose sleep.

My biggest tip is to identify what you CAN control and focus your energy on that.

For example:

  • Eat healthy and take exercise when you can.

  • If you struggle with sleep find ways to rest instead, create a cosy space and read a book or listen to a podcast.

  • Inform yourself about birth and labour via an antenatal course and/or books. I always recommend the Pinter & Martin 'Why it Matters' series of evidenced-based books. Really accessible to read and affordable to buy.

  • No matter what birth you intend to have, learning powerful hypnobirthing techniques will benefit you in pregnancy and labour. Learning breathing techniques to relax your body and mind, adopting positive affirmations and creating anchors to find a deep state of calm. You'll be confidence around birth and trust in your body.

Setting aside some time each day, doesn't have to be long, to focus on one of more of the suggestions above will help you to feel more in control. The benefits of this and learning how to feel relaxed and calm will be invaluable in labour.

When your due date is closer, turn to thinking about what your birth may look like. My Guide to Giving Birthing During Lockdown includes how your birth partner can support you whether they can be with you in hospital or not. I would recommend having the tools and mindset you need to be able to birth alone if needs be. However, hospitals are doing all they can to make it possible for a birth partner to join you so it is unlikely you'll be alone.

If you are looking to take an antenatal course, choose one whether the teacher is available outside the classroom and after the course ends. I always make myself available after my courses as situations could come up that dictate the birth journey of one of my ladies and she'll want to discuss that.

I'm always happy to support anyone who needs to talk so feel free to email me:


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