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A one day birth preparation retreat

Hypnobirthing In A Day

This retreat-style one day workshop will give you the knowledge and tools to trust your body and feel confident, even excited about your upcoming birthing day.

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About the workshop

During the day you will enjoy gentle pregnancy yoga with a focus on movements to support more comfortable and efficient labour; deep relaxation to bond with your baby and unwind; birth education that leaves you feeling confident about birth and a clear understanding of Hypnobirthing and a range of techniques to support your positive birth experience.

There will also be plenty of time to get to know other expectant mums including a delicious homemade lunch.

PLUS: a self-care goodie bag, a discount on my baby classes, access to 121 support via WhatsApp and lots of bonus Digital Content.

Sunday 11th February

9.45 am - 3.30 pm


Book by end of January and pay £130!

Email me to arrangement payment via two instalments

Venue: Buckland Reading Room

Old Rd, Buckland, Betchworth RH3 7EG

(just off Reigate road between Dorking and Reigate town centres)

Google Directions Link

Future Dates: likely to be in May.


Do I need to have practiced yoga before?

Absolutely not! Most of the expectant mums in my classes have never taken yoga before. The sequence is accessible and appropriate for pregnancy and will teach you lots of movements to support more efficient and more comfortable birth. You will be sent a short health survey to complete after booking so that I can make sure the class is suitable for all.

Is this course for couples?

No, this workshop is aimed at expectant mums and creates space for them to bond with their pregnant body, their baby and other expectant mums. Please see information about me couples Hypnobirthing courses here. Or if you'd like to book this workshop but still have a session with your birth partner, please contact me to discuss a bespoke 2 hour workshop for you both to focus on your individual needs.

Is this just for first time mums?

Not at all. Every pregnancy and every birth is different so you will definitely benefit from taking this course even if it's you're expecting your second or tenth baby!

How is this course different from NCT? / Would this course compliment NCT?

This differs from NCT couple courses in several ways: it includes Hypnobirthing and explains the mind-body connection; you'll get access to 6 Hypnobirthing tracks to support your birth preparation outside of the course; it's just for expectant mums so is a safe space to ask questions and relax; you'll practice pregnancy yoga and active birth positions (yoga is proven to support positive birth and shorten your labour); and you get to enjoy a delicious lunch at the restaurant! It would certainly compliment any traditional couples antenatal courses you may also be taking. Many of the expectant mums in my classes find I teach additional information but most importantly they ease fear around birth and feel excited!

Also you get to know me before the course begins - something NCT doesn't offer - and I'll provide 121 support via WhatsApp.

I'd like to take your pregnancy yoga classes as well / I'm already booked on your pregnancy yoga course before this - are they different?

My weekly Pregnancy Yoga classes are a great way to ease pregnancy symptoms and enjoy gentle, safe exercise during your pregnancy. They are also very social so it's a lovely way to make friends too. However, they do not include birth education or Hypnobirthing. This workshop  is timed nicely at the end of a Pregnancy Yoga term or the start of a new one so you'd be encouraged to take yoga alongside to get really familiar with movements to support your positive birth and relax.

How do I book?

Great question! I'm excited to support your positive birth journey. Please email me and I'll share payment details and reserve your place. Early birth price is £130 and valid until the end of August, after that places cost £145.

What is the bonus Digital Content?

You will get access to my Digital Antenatal Course videos, perfect to watch with your partner, especially the Birth Partner Module. You will also receive access to 6 Hypnobirthing recordings to continue your birth preparation and finally access to my Preparing to Breastfeed Masterclass video.

Don't forget, I'm available to answer questions via WhatsApp before and after your baby arrives.

Got another question?

Please feel free to email me and I'll be happy to help!

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