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Whether you’re looking for group or 1:2:1 classes, you’ll learn to trust your body and feel empowered about your choices. Instructor, Rose has a warm, relaxed style that will put you at ease and the extra care she takes ensures everyone gets what they need and more. Support continues outside the classroom too as Rose is available to answer questions via WhatsApp.


“Just as a woman’s heart knows how and when to pump her lungs to inhale and her hand to pull back from fire, so she knows when and how to give birth.”


Virginia DiOrio


If you have any questions after exploring the options below, please get in touch.

Pregnancy Yoga in Dorking, Surrey

Hypnobirthing & Yoga in Dorking, Surrey

  • A 6 week mum-only course on Thursdays 7.30 - 9.00 pm

  • Next Term Starts 15 Sept. Book Now

  • Best taken in your third trimester as it focuses on birth preparation

  • Each class includes 3 segments: pregnancy yoga focusing on movements for more efficient and comfortable labour; birth education and enjoying a live Hypnobirthing script whilst deeply relaxing

  • Access to six recorded Hypnobirthing scripts to continue your birth preparation outside class

  • D2D Studio, Dorking

  • Parking on site

  • £142 course fee

  • Bonus material: Access to a Digital Birth Preparation Course and more!

  • Full course details here

  • Next Term Starts 15th September

  • Do email me if you have any questions


Hypnobirthing Essentials for Couples, Dorking, Surrey

  • A 4 hour workshop that can be delivered in one or two sessions in your own home or online

  • Compliments a traditional antenatal course, such as NCT, or popular as a refresher for second (or more) birth

  • £150 package (£90 online) includes plenty of time to ask your questions and the opportunity to bespoke the content

  • Also includes a printed course companion you can write notes in, six Recorded Hypnobirthing Scripts, Positive Birth Affirmation Cards and my Guide to Birth Planning (Guide to Home Birth available if required)

  • Bonus material: Access to my Digital Content: Antenatal Course; Preparing to Breastfeed Masterclass and Digital Baby Massage Class

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Breastfeeding Workshop,

Dorking, Surrey

  • A 2 hour workshop delivered in your own home (£80) or online (£60)

  • Co-parents are encouraged to attend also

  • Focus on what to expect and the essentials for getting off to a good start

  • Plus: mindful breastfeeding techniques to support a calm and connected feeding journey PLUS access to six recorded guided relaxation scripts aimed at breastfeeding parents

  • Will include some information on expressing and bottle feeding but emphasis is on how to breastfeed

  • Bonus Material: Access to my 45 minute Digital Preparing to Breastfeed Masterclass to revisit any of the topics discussed

  • Signposting to professional support

Hypnobirthing Essentials for Couples, Dorking, Surrey
In your own home or online.

If group classes aren’t for you or you’d prefer a shorter course focusing on the essentials of Hypnobirthing then this option is for you.


This course is very popular with couples taking antenatal courses with other providers such as NCT and those expecting their second or more baby.


  • A 4 hour workshop that can be delivered in one or two sessions in your own home or online

  • £150 package (£90 online)  includes plenty of time to ask your questions and the opportunity to bespoke the content, for example for abdominal or home birth or birth plan writing

  • Also includes a printed course companion you can write notes in, 6 Recorded Hypnobirthing Scripts to continue your practice outside of class (2 abdominal birth scripts available if required), Positive Birth Affirmation Cards and my Guide to Birth Planning (Guide to Home Birth available if required)

  • Plus: Access to my Digital Antenatal Course and Preparing to Breastfeed Masterclass and Digital Baby Massage Class

  • Support is available via WhatsApp during and beyond the course

  • Please contact me here with any questions you have


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my course with Rose and I am so grateful to her for helping to fill me with confidence for my upcoming birth. The hypnobirthing techniques plus explanations about the stages of labour she shared and taught us make perfect sense to help me understand and do all I can to support my labour, I am now looking forward to it after overcoming various fears I subconsciously had. I am so impressed with the level of support Rose has provided (even being online due to lockdown), course companion notes, a beautiful affirmations gift pack, emails, whatsapp group, plus YouTube videos which can be accessed any time. They have all been a godsend to use to recap in the run up to birth. Rose really goes out of her way to support pregnant ladies and prepare them."


At the end of the course you’ll be informed about birth and more towards a sense of calm, confidence. I'll explain how to continue your practice using 6 Recorded Hypnobirthing Scripts and a set of Positive Birth Affirmation Cards. We’ll walk through the stages of labour and what Hypnobirthing techniques you can use to support you, including the role of birth partners and 3 different breathing techniques. During the workshop I’ll facilitate discussions to have as a couple about your birth preferences so you are working as a team on the day. I’ll share movement’s you can use to encourage efficient and more comfortable labour and three breathing techniques for different stages of labour. Video demonstrations of these breathing techniques are included in the Digital Antenatal Course.

Bonus material:


  •  Access to a Digital Birth Preparation Course, that covers additional topics including hypnobirthing for c-sections and induction. A great tool to watch with your birth partner so they understand how they can support you to have a positive hypnobirth.

  •  A Guide to Birth Planning and Birth Plan Template, includes conversation prompts to help you form a clear, United vision for your positive birth.

  •  A Guide to Hypnobirthing for Birth Partners that clearly and simply explains what Hypnobirthing is and practical ideas they can use to support you. Included in the Digital Antenatal Course is a video demonstrating birth partner massage techniques.

  •  Access to my Preparing to Breastfeed Masterclass. As well as an overview of position and attachment, this 45 digital class explores why and how to harvest colostrum antenatally, how to know when to feed your baby and if they’re getting enough. Plus mindfulness techniques for a calm and connected feeding journey.

  •  Access to my Digital Baby Massage Class. Gentle massage is a wonderful way to connect and relax with your new baby. Parents will learn a short massage sequence that can be used to relax your baby and if used as part of a bedtime routine, can aid deeper sleep.

"Rose was an exceptional teacher, her passion for the topic shone through throughout. I left feeling empowered and ready for birth!"


  • Best taken in your third trimester due to its focus on birth preparation

  • Compliments a traditional antenatal course taken with a different provider such as NCT, or works well as a refresher for those expecting their second or more baby

  • This short course makes it possible to complete quite close to your due date, however if taken sooner you’ll benefit from more time to listen to your Hypnobirthing scripts

  • Please let me know at booking if you’d like to bespoke the focus of the workshop day on abdominal birth or induced birth

  • We won’t need much space in your home, just a comfortable space to sit at a time when you can focus on the material

  • Click here to contact me with your due date to request my availability


Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshop in Dorking, Surrey
In your own home or online.

A practical and honest workshop with mindfulness techniques to support you to have a positive breastfeeding journey.

I know from personal experience just how challenging breastfeeding can be. I also see so many women who feel grief at giving up before they were ready. This is why I completed training with The Mindful Breastfeeding School and now offer a fully comprehensive breastfeeding workshop that incorporates mindfulness techniques to set you up for a positive journey. This includes a comprehensive guide summarising the content covered and a list of local experts and support groups, as well as an optional check-in call once baby has arrived.

Partners are encouraged to attend with you since their support can be invaluable on your breastfeeding journey.

Two hour 121 workshop | On-going support | The Mindful Breastfeeding School Approach | £80 | Email to Book Now

Postnatal Breastfeeding Support

As a trained Breastfeeding Supporter I am also available for consultations once baby has arrived to support you with position & latch, troubleshooting and other general advice or signposting other experts where relevant.

Up to 1 hour Consultation and 1 follow up phone call: £40 Email to Book