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Top Tips for taking your own newborn photos at home

This year has meant some experiences after having a baby haven't been possible. Having a professional capture those precious early days getting to know your baby being one. So I invited Surrey family photographer, Emily Clark, to share her top tips for taking photos of your new baby at home. And just look at these gorgeous photos!


Having a baby is the most precious time for a family. Yet at the moment (stupid Covid and lockdown!) it is so hard when family members and friends can’t meet your new addition. So here are some tips for capturing your newborn at home. Capturing those moments for you to treasure and share with loved ones.


Keep it simple. Please do not try and pose your baby like you see baby photographers do (photoshop is always used!). Capture your baby in places they would naturally be, with siblings, in their parents' arms, cots, moses baskets, playmats etc. Don’t dress them up either. Keep them in the baby grows that they won’t be in for long. You will want to see them in these in the photos in years to come.

Asleep or awake

It’s great to try and get some shots of baby awake and asleep. BUT a sleeping baby is much easier to photograph, and newborns sleep a lot. So snap away while they are peaceful.

Natural light

No flash and no lights on. Try and use natural light, it really is the best. Head to bright rooms and face your baby towards the light source, which at home would be a window. Make the most of the lighter hours in the day if you can.

Mix it up

Get some close ups. Then move back to get head and chest and then again to get full body. Try different angles and different perspectives to see what works.

I love black and white images too so try changing a few to black and white. You can normally do this on your phone or an editing app.

Capture the details

My favourite! Capture all their details, they don’t stay dinky for long! Feet, hands, ears, lips, dimply bum cheeks- make sure you take photos of them all.

Real life moments

Real life isn’t perfection. So make sure you take photos of the every day moments. The crying, the snot, the dribble. Even if it’s just to use on their wedding day to embarrass them! These are the real moments with your newborn.

Whether it’s with your camera or your phone just have a go. See what works and then share them with the people that are missing out on this time.

Enjoy capturing this special time and let me know how you get on.

Emily x


Be sure to visit Emily's photography website to see more of her gorgeous work or her Instagram page to stay up to date with when she's returning to work.

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