Yoga from the second trimester into motherhood

Pregnancy Yoga & Postnatal Yoga in Dorking, Surrey

Over the years yoga has always been a safe place for me to return to when I've needed community or support. For me yoga is as much about the mind as the body and I'll be bringing a nurturing style to classes for expectant and new mums.


I am completing my training with Sally Parks and am excited to launch classes in summer 2021.

In Pregnancy Yoga you will learn how to move your changing body, prepare for labour and start to create your community of new mums.

My classes are accessible, no need to have taken yoga before. There will be time to chat other mums-to-be and more importantly time spend deeply relaxing!

Mondays 7.30 pm at Desire to Dance Studio on Curtis Road, Dorking

Term Dates for 2022 Coming Soon!

In Mum & Baby Yoga you can enjoy quality time with your baby whilst returning gently to exercise - without the worry of childcare!

Term Dates for 2022 Coming Soon!

Postnatal Mum-Only Yoga classes will provide a deeply relaxing space to really indulge in that alone time.

Term Dates for 2022 Coming Soon!

Email me to be one of the first to know when booking is open for future courses!