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5 Ways Your Second Pregnancy May Differ from Your First: What to Expect

Updated: Mar 24

Things you need to know about your second pregnancy

If you're about to embark on the exciting journey of second-time pregnancy, you may be feeling a little bit like a seasoned pro. After all, you've been here before and you know the ropes, right? While it's true that you've got a whole pregnancy under your belt (or rather, above your belt), every pregnancy is unique, just like every baby.

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Let's dive into five ways your second pregnancy might differ from your first:

1. Your Bump May Show Earlier: It's not your imagination, nor have you necessarily been reaching for the biscuits more often. You're likely to 'show' earlier in your second pregnancy because your abdominal muscles have already been stretched from your first pregnancy. No need to fret - it's just your body saying, "I've done this before, let's get to it!"

2. Faster Fetal Movement: No, your second bub isn't necessarily going to be an Olympic gymnast. You might just feel them moving earlier on, due to your familiarity with the sensation.

3. You May Be More Tired: If you're wondering why you're more knackered this time around, remember, you're not just growing a baby - you're also taking care of your firstborn! The luxury of napping on demand is a distant memory for many second-time mums.

4. The Labour Might Be Quicker: Good news for those who found labour a marathon last time. Often, subsequent labours can be quicker than the first, since your body has already been through the process.

5. Your Emotions Might Be Different: With your first pregnancy, everything was new and unknown. This time, you know what's coming, which might leave you feeling more relaxed, or possibly, a tad more anxious. Either way, it's totally normal.

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How to prepare for your second baby

Remember, no two pregnancies are identical - even if they're happening to the same woman. Your experiences may be different from what I’ve listed, and that's perfectly okay. Embrace these changes, remind yourself of your incredible strength, and enjoy this special time.

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Remember, we're all just doing our best,


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