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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Antenatal Class in Surrey

Updated: Mar 21

Congratulations you’re pregnant!

Among many things you have to navigate during your pregnancy choosing your antenatal class can feel like one of the hardest.

That’s because it should be! Preparing for birth, especially for the first time, can make you feel vulnerable and you need to find a teacher you can trust and with whom you have a rapport with. That’s why I’m a big advocate for live antenatal classes, whether they are delivered online or in-person. That way you get to ask your questions and get the personalised information you need.

Get in touch to book a free call with me to ask questions and see if I’m the right teacher for you.

Stop fearing birth and start taking control with Birth & More birth preparation courses.

How to choose your antenatal class

Here’s my handy checklist to use when comparing different antenatal classes based on my own experience and those who’ve I’ve taught because they didn’t get the support they needed elsewhere:

  1. Continuous and personalised support: Having the opportunity to talk through your options if circumstances change after your antenatal class ends can be invaluable. Or perhaps you’ve given birth before and it’s left you feeling anxious about your upcoming birth. You may be having trouble getting the hang of breastfeeding and need advice. An antenatal course should prepare you for birth AND support you so make sure your teacher is available to you outside the classroom. Even better if your teacher has connections with other postnatal and parenting experts so they can signpost you if needed.

  2. Comprehensive education in labour and birth: Whilst you may be planning for a spontaneous ‘natural’ birth experience - and the majority of women will experience this - it’s important to understand possible scenarios that could come up so you are prepared.

  3. Non-judgement information: You plan to have an epidural? Your choice. You plan to formula-feed your baby? Your choice. You want a homebirth? Your choice. You want a course that presents all the information you need to make informed choices that are right for you and your family. Judgement-free.

  4. Practical tools to support you whatever birth journey you have: We all find different things help us when we’re in discomfort or stressful situations so it’s the same in labour. You need to learn a range of different techniques and ideas so you have a toolbox of options to draw from on the day. This should include ways to directly influence how long and how comfortable your labour is: hypnobirthing techniques, breathing techniques and movement and positions for labour.

  5. Birth partners matter: The support you get from having your partner or close friend or doula with you whilst you’re in labour is instrumental to your overall birth experience. The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists also say: “Having at least one trusted birth partner present throughout labour is known to make a significant difference to the safety and wellbeing of women in childbirth.”

What can you expect from a Birth & More antenatal class in Surrey

  • Comprehensive education in labour and birth so you are prepared for the planned and the unplanned

  • Judgement-free information so you can make informed choices that are right for you

  • A packed toolbox of different tools to support you: breathing techniques, hypnobirthing practice, decision making tools, birth partner techniques and more

  • Fully inclusive of birth partners, you can bring whomever you have chosen to support you and I share information specific for birth partners

  • Valuable time to relax and bond with your baby and learn how to move for efficient labour in my yoga & hypnobirthing classes

  • Practical parenting information such as baby care, sleep safety, new born sleep information, bottle and breastfeeding techniques so you are prepared for the postnatal period and beyond

  • And plenty of time to get to know other expectant parents! You’ll have the option to join a class WhatsApp group that can continue beyond the course and are welcome to join my growing community of new mums on Facebook.

  • Flexibility. Choose from group antenatal courses or 121 sessions online at a time to suit you.

  • Continuity of care as I also run Mum & Baby Coffee Mornings which are the perfect social with a new born. You can also join my popular Baby Classes in Dorking too to bond with baby, find support and make friends.


  • Personalised support via WhatsApp from booking to well into the fourth trimester: I have been known to support mum’s whilst in labour at hospital; talk through options when a mum is considering induction and also video call to support breastfeeding (as I’m a trained breastfeeding practitioner)

If you want all this and more then check out my antenatal classes in Surrey or email me to find out how I support you:


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