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What questions should I ask my midwife?

It’s totally understandable to feel a little intimidated when you go to your antenatal appointments. Especially if they are at a hospital or the midwife is flustered because she's running behind schedule.

But it is vital that you get the answers to any questions you may have at the time. So I recommend preparing a list beforehand.

Nurse or midwife filling in a form
What questions should I ask my midwife?

If you can demonstrate you want to be an active participant in your antenatal appointments your midwife may respond by being more transparent and offering just a little more information.

Being informed is the first step towards a positive birth experience.

To help you, I've put together a list of example questions you could ask in your midwife appointments:

  • Will you be the midwife I see for every appointment?

  • If I have an urgent question how do I contact you? And in what scenario should I be calling you?

  • How often will I have these midwife appointments? Will they always take place here?

  • What sort of things will you be doing or asking in these appointments?

  • What are my options for places to give birth? (If you’d like information about homebirth to consider then ask for that too)

  • How do I book a hospital tour or can I speak to someone at the hospital to discuss my preferences?

  • When will my next ultrasound be?

  • Ask about any pregnancy symptoms or discomfort that you’re experiencing.

  • What support will I receive after I’ve given birth? Is there anything I need to opt into and put my name down for?

  • Where can I get breastfeeding support once my baby is here?

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