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Hayley - Positive Homebirth - First Time Mum

This is the gorgeous Hayley with her newborn baby girl. Hayley had the most incredible birth experience and I'm so pleased she's agreed to share it. Homebirth's can absolutely be an option for first time mums! What an empowering birth story.

"When I shared with Rose that I was considering a homebirth she was very supportive and equipped me with a lot of knowledge and facts about what a wonderful experience it could be. It didn't take much to convince me and I had a

wonderful birth that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Being a first time mum I can see why some people may be put off, because I almost was too. But I am very grateful that I had someone like Rose who provided positive insight into what is a natural and very normal way to give birth. 

The knowledge of birth that Rose shared in her courses was nothing but exceptional. I went into my first birth using only the techniques that she taught me - concentrating on my breathing and maintaining a UFO position as much as possible.

Even though my labour was a quick 3 hours 22 minutes, it was very intense, and I didn't have time to prepare myself for any of the things I had planned to use as part of my homebirth, including my birthing pool, TENS machine and goodies I had packed away to keep myself calm. In the moment all I used was the in for 4 and out for 8 breathing, then changed to out breathing with every surge, all taught by Rose.

I didn't need any form of pain relief and birthed my daughter using only the power of my body and focused breathing."

Hayley took my Mindful Movement & Hypnobirthing Course in April 2020.

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