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Positive Birth Story - Induction - Claire, Second Time Mum

This is Claire with her second baby, a girl, after a positive induced labour.

I’ve had many conversations with anxious women who’ve passed their due date and feel pressure to be induced. If you do opt for induction, I believe you can still have a positive birth experience. Induced labour is different, there’s no getting around that fact as you’re trying to kick off labour artificially. But by understanding the process, managing expectations and calming techniques you can find ways to feel empowered.

Claire's experience is a great example of this since she used breathing techniques and positive positions to ensure an efficient labour.

Read her story in her own words:

“I had a very different labour experience second time round as this time I was induced.

Once I was in hospital it was very much a waiting game to start with as nothing much happened at first. However, following the second pessary, my labour began and progressed very quickly.

The breathing techniques that Rose taught me were invaluable at this stage and I was also mindful of moving around and adopting the positive birthing positions that I'd been shown.

Apart from paracetamol and codeine, there were no pain relief options on the induction ward and so I was reliant on Rose's methods to see me through.

I went from mild contractions to being 9 cm dilated within a couple of hours, at which point I was taken from the induction ward to delivery. And once in delivery I remembered not to 'purple push', all of which I think contributed to a very quick overall labour and delivery - a stark contrast to my first which took 16 hours, 3 of which were pushing!"

Claire, took my Mindful Movement Mum-only course in December 2019 to prepare for the birth of her second baby.

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