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Best free pregnancy apps

These days we conduct most of our lives out of the palm of our hand and while pregnancy tracking apps should never replace professional medical advice, they are a fun way to understand how your baby is developing.

But which app is right for you?

I asked mums in my classes which apps they used so we’ve done the work for you!

Life growing a baby has become very isolating in the U.K. during the pandemic where expectant women have been classified as at 'moderate risk' if they contracted Covid-19. You may find yourself having to work that bit harder to manage pregnancy anxiety so I’ve included some apps to support mental health too.

Remember: any specific concerns should always be discussed with your GP or Midwife.

Top 10 Pregnancy and Baby Apps

The best apps for Bump and Beyond as voted for by real mums!

  1. Baby Centre This app will support you from pregnancy into parenthood up to your baby's first birthday. A whopping 400 million expectant parents have used BabyCentre. The app serves as a one stop shop for expectant mums and lets you know how your pregnancy is developing week by week, with additional daily parenting advice all the way up until your baby’s first birthday. Free to download on IOS and Android:

  2. Pregnancy + Beautiful graphics make Pregnancy+ stand out, but it’s not just a pretty face. As well as the usual pregnancy tracker options, Pregnancy+ also comes with a useful hospital bag tool and a customisable birth plan to help you prepare for labour. Free to download on IOS and Android: Download for ISO Download for Android

  3. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker If facts like ‘at 17 weeks pregnant your baby is the size of a crème brûlée’ are what you’re after then the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is for you! Pastries, vegetables and other foods, aside, the app has got rave reviews from its users. Free to download on IOS and Android:

  4. What To Expect The app is from the world-famous What to Expect When You’re Expecting brand, and helps you feel in control through every stage of your pregnancy. It includes over 15,000 articles and the option to join its community forums where new posts appear every three seconds! Free to download on IOS and Android:

  5. Preglife A big attraction of this app is that it has been developed by midwives and physicians in Sweden, a country with some of the lowest maternal mortality rates in the world. It includes a growing archive of information including up-to-date research data verified by healthcare experts. Free to download on IOS and Android:

  6. Baby Buddy An interactive pregnancy and parenting guide that has been endorsed by the NHS and designed to support the work of front-line practitioners. Once you’ve signed up you can create your own baby expert avatar and keep track of your appointments. Free to download on IOS and Android:

  7. Kicks Count Brought to you by the Kicks Count charity, the app helps you get to know your baby's movement patterns so that you can report reduced movement and help reduce the risk of stillbirth or other pregnancy complications. A digital version of their well known Kicks Count Bands, helping to reassure mum’s everywhere. Free to download on IOS and Android: or direct link to

  8. Wonder Weeks Not free but a favourite amongst new parents (also see popular book of the same name) The Wonder Weeks provides week-by-week updates on your child’s development. Wondering why your baby who just started sleep is now waking every hour? £1.99 to buy and available to download on iOS and Android:

  9. Huckleberry Fast on the heels of The Wonder Weeks is this newer app that claims to improve your child’s sleep using pediatric sleep experts and AI to create a custom sleep plan! You can also track sleep, feedings, growth, and more. There are also options to pay membership for access to more features. Free to download on IOS and Android:

  10. British Red Cross Baby & Child First Aid app Another must have amongst new parents is this free app providing simple, easy-to-learn skills to help a baby or child in a first aid emergency. Includes lots of useful tips, animations and video clips. You can also test your knowledge using the app’s built-in first aid quizzes. There is also a handy device to record your child's medication needs and any allergies. Best of all the information you need is all hosted on the app itself, meaning no internet connection is needed, making it fast and easy to access. Free to download on IOS and Android:

Practical Parenting Apps

Here are some other apps aimed at life with a newborn!

1. Spotify

There are a vast number of white noise or lullaby apps out there but did you know Spotify has a huge range of nature sounds, calming music, lullabies and nursery rhyme playlists? Music choices this broad mean you can afford to experiment and find what works and have things to entertain your baby as they grow.

Free to download on IOS and Android:

2. Squeezy App

Remembering to do your pelvic floor exercises is impossible with a new baby! Squeezy comes pre-set with an exercise plan recommended by a pelvic health physiotherapist that follows NICE guidelines. All you need to do is to set your reminders so you can easily remember to do your exercises throughout the day.

£2.99 and available to download on IOS and Android:

3. Headspace The Pregnancy Pack

Did you know the popular Headspace App has a Pregnancy Pack? Access it via the series library. The 30 day pack uses a visualisation to help you bond with your baby and prepare your mind for all the unexpected moments in new parenthood. It compliments their book The Headspace Guide to a Mindful Pregnancy

Free to download on IOS and Android:

4. The NHS also has a short list of Apps some of which haven’t been mentioned here:

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