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Free Hypnobirthing Taster

Birth & More

Expert antenatal & hypnobirthing courses online and in person in Dorking, Surrey

Feel informed and empowered about birth.

How to have the positive birth experience you deserve!

When you close your eyes and imagine giving birth what do you see?

I bet this doesn’t match with the beautiful birth you’d love to have! But what if I told you that I can help you achieve the beautiful birthing experience you deserve?

Join me for a FREE hypnobirthing taster to learn just how to have a positive birth!

Registration is essential, click here

And before you ask, no I don’t believe that hypnobirthing can’t work during an abdominal birth or with drugs - have all the drugs if you want!

Hypnobirthing teaches you how to trust your body, feel in control and how to have a more efficient and more comfortable birth. All things you can apply to your birth journey, no matter the twists and turns it may take.

Doesn’t that sound good!

Be informed

In the one hour session I’ll share the science of hypnobirthing and just why it works as well as ask your questions. You’ll also get a special gift of a guided relaxation MP3 afterwards - something we could all do with right now!

What are people saying about my courses

“The breathing techniques were quite revolutionary really...I felt totally in control...It was very empowering!”

"I felt empowered, in control and calm at all stages, quite unlike my first labour."

"The breathing techniques enabled me to have the calm, natural birth I had always wanted, they are AMAZING!!

A little about me...

My own birth experience inspired me to develop courses that would inform, empower and support expectant women.

I combine powerful hypnobirthing techniques with evidence-based antenatal education. You’ll learn everything you need to know and how to have a more comfortable birth.

As a yoga teacher I also include pregnancy yoga as standard not just because of the physical benefits, but to also allow space for you to bond with your baby and mindfully prepare for birth.

Finally, unlike a lot of teachers, my support extends beyond the classroom. I’m available over Whats App and happy to talk through any new developments. I often give personalised support to my mums right through the fourth trimester and many even months later!

You’ll leave classes feeling more confident and will feel a part of a wider community of local mum’s in my Facebook group.

So come on and join me!

It’s live, you’ll meet other expectant couples and all for less time than you’ve lost watching reruns of Friends in lock down!

Also did I mention it’s FREE?


Birth & More

Hypnobirthing Courses Online and in Dorking, Surrey

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