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A Guide To Hypnobirthing For Birth Partners

For Birth Partners: What mum needs for a successful hypnobirth

You want to enable mum to find herself in this alternate state of consciousness - the definition of hypnosis - and remain there throughout her labour.

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So how do we do this?

The ideal environment for efficient labour is one in which mum feels safe, supported, undisturbed and unobserved. Hypnobirthing goes further still and trains mum's unconscious mind in self-hypnosis so in the right environment she can put herself into a deep state of relaxation. This will engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the functions of the body at rest, so her heart rate finds its resting rate, breathing slows and her muscles relax. Switching off mum’s conscious thinking brain and any fight or flight response. Mum can now labour in her unconscious mind - not physically unconscious of course! - and her body is able to take over and do what it knows how to do.

Conversely, if mum's conscious mind is alerted and perceives a threat it will trigger the sympathetic nervous system to prepare her to run from danger. Her body will be flooded with adrenaline and she will feel the effects of the ‘fight or flight’ response - shortness of breath, raised heart rate, tense muscles etc. She will also feel pain more acutely and her overall perception of the experience is more likely to be negative. Whilst mum may have moments of stress - journey to hospital, change of room, change of midwife etc - you don’t want to allow it to persist for long periods.

Creating this ideal environment is the perfect way for birth partners to demonstrate their love and support.

When planning for home and the hospital room consider the experience on her senses:

  • Sight: soft lighting - candles and fairy lights at home, battery or LED lights for hospital

  • Sound: gentle, calming music, hypnobirthing tracks, partner recorded birth affirmations

  • Smell: bubble baths, scented candles at home, room sprays, essential oils

  • Taste: fuel to keep energy up, sweets

  • Touch: soft cosy throws at home, soft cushions so she’s comfortable, bring some to hospital, massage and partner touch

  • Breath: don’t forget that breathing techniques are your superpower!

Have a conversation with mum…

Talk to mum about what she imagines her ideal environment to be and what she needs to achieve it. Pack a kit for use at home so you know where everything is when the day comes. Pack another bag with some things to take to hospital to recreate her nest there. Also think about the car journey - cushions, eye mask so she can shut out the world. Discuss all the practicalities well in advance so mum can feel calm and ready.

And finally, help mum dedicate time to Hypnobirthing practice

Hypnobirthing is made up of various tools and techniques, namely, guided relaxation scripts and visualisations, breathing techniques, positive affirmations and anchors. They become more powerful with frequent repetition. Life can be busy let alone whilst pregnant and attending midwife appointments and antenatal classes etc. Help her make time for daily or regular practice. Become familiar with the techniques yourself to support her to use them on her birthing day.

Get your FREE copy of my Guide To Positive Birth For Birth Partners here. It has everything you need to feel ready and confident about your role.


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