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Do you know what you’re having?

For many women the 20 week scan will only be the second ultrasound scan they’ve had. So as you lie down and reveal your bump and have that cold gel applied it can be exciting. You’re going to see your baby! If you want you can also find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl. (If you don’t want to know make sure you say!)

  • If you’ve had your 20 week scan, did you find out?

But for many, like myself after being so unwell, you can also feel a little apprehensive.

In this scan the sonographer will look closely at your baby's bones, heart, brain, spinal cord, face, kidneys and abdomen. They will also look for any signs of 11 rare conditions but only these, meaning they won't be able to identify everything that might be wrong.

The NHS website has details of these conditions on their website.

It’s normal for the sonographer to be quiet as they concentrate on the images. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a clear image of your baby so you may need to move around or even take a break and go for a walk and come back.

At the moment due to Covid, you’ll need to check your hospital's policy on whether someone can come with you to the scan. There is a campaign currently #butnotmaternity (on Instagram) that is fighting for expectant women to have the right to be accompanied in antenatal appointments and throughout their labour.

After your 20 week scan most women will then feel ready to go ahead and book their antenatal course and plan for their babies arrival. If you have any questions about my courses do email me as I'm happy to discuss:

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