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Will birth hurt?

This is definitely a burning question expectant mums have in my classes! It’s a logical question - in any other major procedure you would ask wouldn’t you? So don’t feel you can’t ask this in your antenatal classes.

Whilst the answer can’t be a simple ‘no’ it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to cope.

Perspective, preparation and knowledge can all go a long way. As does mindset which is why my new courses have been designed around forming a positive, confident mindset for birth.

Things to remember:

- Your uterus is a powerful muscle and the sensations you’re feeling in labour is your uterus moving to encourage baby down and out. It's doing what's it's designed to do!

- You can do anything for 1 minute. In the height of active labour a contraction can last 60-90 seconds. There will be a little time between contractions to breathe and refocus. Of course the length of time between contractions will shorten as your labour progresses, but it allows you enough to notice when a contractions ends. So see each one as separate and just take each one at a time. Remember, you never have to do the same contraction twice!

- Relax. It might seem impossible now but if you’re anxious and stressed you will feel pain more intensely. Breathing techniques and hypnobirthing techniques are proven to help you cope so make sure you practice them before your birthing day so they come naturally.

- Focus on your baby. See yourself holding them. Picture their features - will they look like you or your partner? Encourage the love hormone, Oxytocin, to flow with happy, loving thoughts. Oxytocin triggers labour and keeps it going efficiently - and who doesn’t want an efficient labour?

- And above all believe in yourself! Your baby and your body are an amazing team working together. Your body is designed to do this! Just trust and believe in yourself.


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