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Practical Ways Hypnobirthing Can Make Your Birth Better

Hypnobirthing has become more mainstream but the term is still ambiguous. I'll try and break that down for you here!

When I'm teaching Hypnobirthing in Dorking, Surrey, I focus on the science behind hypnobirthing and the practical ways it can support you to have a positive birth experience. So let's explore what hypnobirthing is first.

The Science Behind Hypnobirthing

Hypnosis was approved by the British Medical Association and part of official BMA policy in 1955 after a study concluded it was an effective method of relieving pain in childbirth without altering the normal course of Labour.”

Many midwives are now trained in hypnobirthing and will support you should you choose to use hypnobirthing techniques in labour.

In essence, hypnobirthing is a form of controlled, self-hypnosis, training you to switch off your logical, thinking, conscious mind and ultimately your Sympathetic Nervous System and Fight, Flight or Freeze mode. Instead you are in your Parasympathetic Nervous System and tune into your unconscious mind, flooding it with positive words, sensations and visualisations to reinforce to you and your body that you can and will have a positive birth experience. Being relaxed is key because it means your body, your birthing muscles, will relax and release enabling the physiological process of birth to take place.

Practical Hypnobirthing Techniques for Positive Birth

  • Evidence-based Birth Education: understanding the physiological process of birth is essential in helping you know what to expect and why hypnobirthing techniques are so powerful.

  • Breathing Techniques: having control of your breath not only helps you to cope with the sensations of labour it prevents your birthing muscles from tensing up. Why is this important? See next point...

  • Works with your body making birth more efficient and more comfortable: feeling relaxed is not only more desirable it is key for your birthing muscles to release and relax during labour. You need your cervix to soften and open as your uterus contracts upwards. If you feel anxious this signals to your cervix that it's not safe to give birth and it will not dilate. With your contractions continuing meanwhile, the tension between your cervix and uterus makes things very uncomfortable. Hypnobirthing techniques such as guided relaxation scripts and visualisations, allow you to find a deep state of relaxation in mind and body allowing birth to unfold.

Hypnobirthing allows you to control the Mind-Body Connection for more comfortable and efficient birth.

My Hypnobirthing courses in Dorking, Surrey teach you these practical techniques and more as well as providing a full and comprehensive antenatal education.

So no matter how apprehensive or nervous you are about giving birth you will complete my Hypnobirthing Courses feeling informed, confident and even excited about your birthing day.



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