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Pregnancy Yoga in Dorking, Surrey

Yoga is not only a safe and gentle form of exercise during pregnancy, but pregnancy yoga also offers you a chance to connect with your changing body and bond with your baby. Over the years yoga has always been a safe place for me to return to when I've needed community or support. I loved teaching pregnancy yoga in Dorking when I was pregnant with my second baby. I found yoga to be a wonderful way to focus on preparing for birth when life was otherwise very busy with a 4 year old at home!

Pregnancy Yoga has many benefits. For one, it can provide relief from those pregnancy aches and pains and even less welcome symptoms like heart burn and constipation. Insomnia is quite common in pregnancy, I myself experienced it with both pregnancies, and the practice of yoga teaches you breathing techniques and how to still your mind which helps ease you into deep and comfortable sleep. But for me, the biggest benefit of all was a sense of a calm, a sanctuary, where I could switch off and just be present with my baby.

For me yoga is as much about the mind as the body and I bring a nurturing style to pregnancy yoga classes for expectant mums in Dorking, Surrey.

I completed my training with Sally Parks in 2020 and sold out all my pregnancy yoga courses when I launched in 2021! I've enjoyed curating beautiful nurturing classes with an emphases on mindful movement and deep relaxation. I have also designed a unique course combining yoga for birth and hypnobirthing because thy can make such a positive difference to your birthing experience.

If you like to know more about my pregnancy yoga classes in Dorking, Surrey then have a read of these course details. If you have any questions about whether the class is suitable for you or when the next course will start do drop me an email:



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