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Surrey Hypnobirthing in Dorking

As a hypnobirthing instructor, yoga teacher and breastfeeding practitioner I can offer more at Birth & More than other antenatal courses.

Rose, Founder & Instructor at Birth & More

I teach hypnobirthing in Dorking to first and second time mums from Dorking, Reigate, Redhill, Leatherhead and surrounds.

The two main questions expectant women come to me with are:

How can I have a shorter labour? How can I have a pain free labour?

Well sadly there isn't a magic wand that I can wave. BUT the women I teach who practice hypnobirthing techniques and remain mobile in labour do have powerful, positive hypnobirths.

Just read some of the text's I've had from mum's after giving birth:

"The breathing techniques were quite revolutionary really...I felt totally in control...It was very empowering." Clemmie, second time mum

"We had the most INCREDIBLE homebirth...I honestly couldn't have got through it without hypnobirthing and the breathing techniques...It really is true that your body is designed to birth your baby." Victoria, second time mum

"I had a 3 hour 20 minutes labour and gave birth to my daughter on my sofa with no pain relief and used just my breathing and the knowledge of having faith in my body - thank you Rose!" Hayley, first time mum

"I have an INCREDIBLE homebirth! The breathing techniques were everything and the movement really helped before I could get in the pool - I just stood watching Notting Hill swaying my hips!" Emily, second time mum.

I teach a lot of second time mums who come to me hoping for a much better birth experience this time around. Often they felt unprepared, anxious and in pain during labour.
That's why I always offer second time mum's a free consultation so I understand their first experience and how best to support them.

What is hypnobirthing? How does hypnobirthing work?

Hypnobirthing has its origins in hypnosis but it's a form of self-hypnosis so you remain in control and 'awake'. It's takes practice but you train yourself to go into a deep state of relaxation that allows you to stay in your parasympathetic nervous system - the rest and digest system - and remain calm and for your birthing muscles to do what they're designed to do.

If you aren't calm and you become stressed and anxious this triggers your sympathetic nervous system and switches on your 'fight, flight or freeze mode'. This fear leads to surges in adrenaline - the stress hormone- reducing the flow of oxytocin - the love hormone that stimulates your contractions - and your labour will slow down. Your muscles become tense too which makes your contractions much more uncomfortable and inefficient so you need more.

Without hypnobirthing many women end up in the 'Fear, Tension, Pain Cycle' - not where you want to be!

Hypnobirthing techniques prevent you from fearing birth and allow you to have a more positive birthing experience.

Hypnobirthing practice starts by helping you release fears around childbirth. Then using guided relaxation scripts/recordings you start to feed your unconscious mind positive messages about birth and move towards feeling confident and trusting your body. The scripts/recordings also use powerful visualisations that can be drawn on during birth to help you maintain calm confidence.

Another huge element of hypnobirthing is to harness the power of your breath. You'll have seen from my reviews that breathing techniques truly make a positive difference. By extending your exhale you can trigger your parasympathetic nervous system and find yourself in a deeply relaxed state. Ideal for a more comfortable and shorter labour! I teach three breathing techniques so you have options for different stages of labour.

You can also create 'anchors' which when practiced regularly before labour can prove to be very powerful. These anchors could be: a piece of music or song, a special memory, a calming scent etc. If you refer to these anchors when listening to your hypnobirthing scripts/recordings you'll create a strong association so in labour you may just need to smell that scent/listen to that music/recall that memory and find yourself in a deeply relaxed state.

Remaining mobile and using positive birth positions is key to a shorter, more comfortable birth.

I teach pregnancy yoga and positions for birth alongside hypnobirthing because it makes such a difference.

The secret to a shorter, more comfortable labour is...

An antenatal course that combines:

- hypnobirthing techniques

- powerful breathing techniques

- positive positions for birth

- up-to-date antenatal education

If you want to take the ultimate birth preparation course with Birth & More please email me or you can read all about my antenatal courses in Dorking, Surrey here.


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