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Is Hypnobirthing for me? (and how to convince my birth partner!)

If you want to feel positive, confident and maybe even a little excited about your upcoming birth then, YES, hypnobirthing is for you!

At Birth & More, our hypnobirthing course is delivered in an accessible, down-to-earth style. There are no awkward role plays and we welcome silly questions! You still get the same accurate and up-to-date birth education as more conventional courses out there, but you will also gain some powerful visualisation and relaxation techniques to support you both in the run up to and on your birthing day.

Hypnobirthing trains you in self-hypnosis through guided relaxation scripts. So you can find yourself in a deep state of calm and relaxation as your labour begins. As well as having a calm mindset, this will have a powerful physical benefit too. Your cervix will release and soften for dilation and your uterus will trigger powerful contractions for efficient labour. Conversely, if you find yourself fearing labour or panicking then your muscles will tense up causing your cervix to remain closed or not fully dilate and your uterus has to work harder against this. Overall your labour will be more uncomfortable and often longer.

I practiced hypnobirthing before having my daughter and I found it gave me a true sense of calm as I anticipated my birthing day, I honestly felt excited! I believe this is why I was able to stay at home for so long (I was 7 cm when I arrived at the hospital and my little girl was born 4 hours later).

Having the right mindset can make such a huge difference.

That's why I've designed more courses to include some mum-only classes that combine education, pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing practice. These classes give you space to mentally prepare for birth and becoming a mum (again for some!). They also allow women to come together and get to know one-another and perhaps ask different questions to what they might in couples workshops.

Ladies who take my courses always find these classes so beneficial and have described them as 'heaven'. Second (or third) time mums who have so little time to think let alone prepare for labour, especially value the time focused on their new baby.

Hypnobirthing is not about how to have a ‘natural’ or ‘pain free’ birth. Every birth is different because every baby is different. Hypnobirthing can support you no matter how your birth journey unfolds. There is no one right way to give birth. Only your way. Our role is to give you the information you need and tools to support you to have the positive birth you know you can have.

Let’s be clear, hypnobirthing is not hypnotherapy.

No one will be asked to cluck like a chicken on our course!

But it is about understanding how your mindset can affect your physical birth experience so we focus on moving you towards a positive outlook.

So when you talk to your birth partner about your wishes to practice a hypnobirth, first tell them that you want to feel calm and confident ahead of your birthing day and you want to enjoy a more comfortable and efficient labour. Then tell them you believe hypnobirthing will help you achieve that. They can't deny you that surely!

Read more about my Comprehensive Couples Course, ideal for first time parents and my Mindful Movement & Hypnobirthing Mum-Only Course. Find a hypnobirthing course to suit you or contact me to discuss a bespoke session.



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